Kadri Haljas (health keynote) Kadri is the founder and CEO of Triumf Health. Her background is in health psychology - she has a PhD from the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine and has worked as a clinical psychologist. Since 2016, she has been leading Triumf Health startup and gained expertise in mobile health solutions. Triumf Health has developed a mobile health game to support chronically ill children during the treatment. They have finished their first set of clinical trials showing that the game has a positive effect on patients' wellbeing and quality of life. And now they are running randomized controlled trials in Finland, Singapore and Estonia in parallel, where they evaluate the effect of the game compared to treatment as usual. She will share her insights from their health technology startup journey - how does the process look like and how to overcome obstacles in the very traditional healthcare sector.


Andre Veskioja (food keynote) is a member of EIT Food RIS Council) and has worked in food research for the past 15 years now leading the Estonian Crop Research Institute after holding the title of Senior Researcher at BioCC OÜ. Graduating from the field of food technologies has given Andre many opportunities developing new functional foods and improving the quality of existing foodstuffs. Writing up proposals and starting ambitious new projects is where Andre excels at combining people skills with scientific knowledge.

Merike Leego (EIT Health presentation) Merike is Innovation Manager at EIT Health Scandinavia, the European Commission funded network that promotes innovation in health sector and brings together stakeholders to implement close-to-market-ideas into everyday healthcare via supporting its financial instruments. She is also coordinator of program RABBIT ( that stands for improving access of biobanks and quality registries to industry and academia within EIT Health network. Merike Leego has extensive experience in coordinating scientific research projects. She has held position of Marketing Manager and Intellectual Property Manager in several biotech companies in Estonia, and she also reads lecture on bio-entrepreneurship at University of Tartu.

Justin Hein (EIT Food presentation) is the coordinator for EIT Food Hub Estonia and a Marketing Manager for BioCC OÜ. Working close to food research and promoting scientific advances outside of Estonia is his main job. With EIT Food Hub Estonia Justin is coordinating that all the ideas related to food from both students and companies would be heard on a European level and so that they would have the support they need to develop even further.

Triin Kask (design thinking coach).  Triin is a co-founder and ex-CEO of Nevercode, the SaaS startup that managed to earn the trust of Google and successfully launch a product with them. Triin has been one of the initiators of different entrepreneurship activities for students in Tartu, such as BioWay, the society for entrepreneurial life science students. At the Bioinnovation Day Triin is going to give you insights about design thinking and how to focus on the problem, not the solution. This has been the core approach of making critical strategic decisions at Nevercode.
Harald Lepisk (moderator). Harald is an international trainer who helps startups develop their business model and communicate the value of their product. As the moderator of European and Arab Innovation Academy and numerous startup programmes, Harald is able to navigate, pinpoint and develop the critical elements of business ideas. Harald holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management.
Piret Hirv is the Head of Health Technology Division and Connected Health Cluster Manager at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol bringing together networks which allow companies to find suitable development partners and customers. Piret has graduated from TalTech MA programme specialising in healthcare technology. She has an earlier background in medicine as a nurse, also a degree in business management, communications and public relations. Piret also has numerous work experience starting from pharmaceutical industry and marketing, to being an advisor for e-services and innovation for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Viljam Viljasoo has studied natural resources in University of Life Science and graduated in communication management from the University of Tartu. He has worked in the field of marketing & communications, has made salesman work, organized different profit and non-profit projects. Now he is learning and helping others mainly through business advisory services. Viljam is member of Junior Chamber International Estonia (JCI), since 2011.
Karl Peebo is the EU projects' manager in Graanul Biotech, a company turning residual woody biomass into feedstock for biomaterials and biochemicals. Main tasks are coordinating collaboration projects with industrial and public partners. Biotechnologist by training with background in fermentation, genetic engineering and systems biology
Nemailla Bonturi is a researcher at the University of Tartu. Nemailla received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Campinas, Brazil, and continued working as a Research Scientist at Braskem SA, a biotech company producing green chemicals. Nemailla joined University of Tartu in 2016, where as a staff scientist in a Synthetic Biology she is responsible for designing microbial cell factories.

Kalevi Virta is the founder and the owner of the company eWELL Oy. The Company is offering consultancy services for public organizations, companies and network organisations. Fields of expertise: eHealth and Innovations, TestBeds, International Health IT markets and networks; working with international organizations like HIMSS, European Connected Health and supporting the establishment of Nordic cooperation and networks


Chris Thompson is an entrepreneur and software engineer who has been based in Estonia for the past 14 years. He is the founder of Neuroactive AI, a startup which has developed a system for automated machine learning and predictive analytics. He previously founded Speak Languages, a popular language-learning website, which he still manages. His main professional interests are machine learning, data visualisation, UX, and the performance optimisation of web applications.

Liina Joller-Vahter is the founder of the biotech company Power Algae. Their photobioreactors are designed for growing microalgae in Nordic climate and further, the biomass is a valuable source for food, feed, cosmetics, and other industries. Besides being an entrepreneur, Liina is also lecturing the courses of bio-entrepreneurship and innovation management at the University of Tartu.

Liina Vaher comes from Civitta, running international projects BIOVOICES (mutual learning and sustainable solutions in bioeconomy), BIOBRIDGES (value chain of bio products) and PROFUTURE (marketing micro-algae based innovative food and feed component), contributing to the boost of bioeconomy and bioproducts in international perspective. Liina supports hackathon participants with knowledge and guiding in bioproduct value chain building and sustainability.

Edgar Aronov is an Estonian entrepreneur with a financial background. Currently Co-Founder of Guaana. Guaana, an Estonian start-up founded in 2014, has developed a platform to run global challenges for governments & organizations, and a cloud-based submission management platform. Guaana is best known for running the MBR Space Settlement Challenge, where over $540,000 worth of grants were distributed within a month with participants from 176 universities based at 47 countries.

Strengths: Fundraising, idea validation, and business analysis.

  Liis Lutter graduated from Estonian University of Life Sciences from the field of Food Technologies. After graduating she has been working in the food industry in both product development and food production side. At BioCC OÜ Liis is a Product Development Manager and additionally teaches both microbiology and food product development to the students of Estonian University of Life Sciences.
Astrid Maldre is working at Elisa as a Start-up Team Lead. She has an MBA from TalTech and extensive experience in retail. Her goal is to offer products and services that clients will need tomorrow, not yesterday. Her areas of expertise include idea validation, launching and marketing.
Triin Junson is a startup scouter who validates business ideas from all over the world, in order to always find something new and engaging what to offer Elisa’s clients. Besides creative and on-her-feet thinking abilities, she is very passionate about sports and healthy lifestyle – sport has been a huge part of her life. In addition, she has extensive knowledge about sport science and nutrition, and 2 years of experience working as a personal trainer.